Reduce your labour cost.

Logistics process outsourcing can reduce labor costs by reducing or limiting local headcount and it’s associated costs (hiring costs, wages and benefits, office space, training and turnover). Our logistics process outsourcing program can be an “add-on” to your current business, therefore freeing up your staff for value-added activities.

green-arrowSpeed up business with overnight documentation processing.

Errors and delays in bill of lading processing increases transaction costs. Our offshore teams allows for overnight processing resulting in faster and accurate reconciliation and payment. This reduces shipment delays, prevents trucks from standing idle and decreases operating costs across the board.

green-arrowFree up more time to focus on your business.

By relieving time and attention pressure from local operations, you can spend more time on what you do best which is focusing on your strategic priorities.

green-arrowImprove margins by leveraging economies of scale.

For standardized services, we utilize the same technology and workflow across multiple customers which means cost savings to you. We can ramp up and downsize quickly as your needs change.

Free up facility spacgreen-arrowe and resources for other purposes.

Without the need for additional in-house processing, you can reduce high overheads such as office space and costly computer equipment.

green-arrowRemove redundancy in document processing.

Transportation document processing is carried out by our specially trained staff who understand the variety of unstructured, semi-structured and non-standard forms often encountered in freight shipping. Our transportation document processing teams ensure that documents are handled accurately and problems resolved quickly.

green-arrowReduce infrastructure and operations risk.

Reduce risk through the acquisition of expertise, best of breed talent and technologies without operational and infrastructure investment.